A Face Only A Mother Can Love

I’m writing this first post of my blog for my mom coz she is the first-best thing happened to me.
Few words for you Mom which I always wanna say 

You are always so loving and kind. And when I think of people in my life to be thankful for, you are d first who comes to my mind! 
You are the one I have fought the most.. you are the one I have friend-ed the most.. You are the one who makes me the strongest.. You are the one who brings out my weakness.. You are the one I have hurt the most .

Childhood of me, Shweta n Sonu was not easy and smooth as it was for other kids; but you made it. I can’t recollect words to describe the struggle you did in your life. Well let’s not discuss all this. 🙂


Many people says dat I look like my mom a bit. And I proudly accept it 🙂 , because she is so damn beautiful. ❤  People have started relating more now after my marriage specially when they see me wearing Indian attire, with bindi, sindoor, bangles etc. Yes I do look like my mom. She has a beautiful heart inside. ^_^ ^_^ She comes as a pillar of strength whenever we need her. We hav seen few ups and downs in life and I have realized how wonderful and strong she is. She has played very strong role in all my success. In all bad times 😦 , she has faced worst situations in her life 😦 wid a smile on her face. 🙂 She sometimes seems so vulnerable but at other end so strong. I can’t express in words how much I admire her. She is so innocent; sometimes feels like she s still a child who need our care n support. I read somewhere dat its only in ur late 20s specially after marriage dat u feel u are turning into ur mom. And I feel it so many times, on all her habits I used to crib as a child, I follow exactly same now. (like watching TV from kitchen while cooking.) 😛
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor.. then came the time when I wanted to be an IAS officer.. Some more time passed and I realized I wanted to be something else.. And by the time I realized I was still confused.. I became an engineer.. And now when I think of what I am and what I want to be.. I know, for once, what it is that I really want to be is what i am today and it’s all because of you Mom. Whatever I have achieved in my life it’s coz of you, ur hard-work, dedication, affection, luv  n ur support. How did you find the energy, to do all the things you did? Thank-you for always being there for me. 🙂
Would never hurt you intentionally ever again, no matter what I  Can’t thank God in words for making me ur daughter.  ❤  You are amazing, awesome, always great, Comely. All I wanted to say today is that I LOVE YOU alot Mom  ❤
You’re best. 🙂 Be happy!

– Lots of Love
Didi 😛 🙂

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