First thing is I’m not a writer. So, before you guys start making your expectations. I don’t know how suddenly I have decided to create my own blog and started writing and sharing stuff like me, my experiences, family n life.

When you know, you are gonna write about yourself. people gets clueless. I read somewhere dat LIFE ISN’T ABOUT FINDING YOURSELF. LIFE IS ABOUT CREATING YOURSELF. From where should I start?? 😛

I am simple but not so simple..kind of jolly nature. I am 26 year old married lady..My 27th year of life will officially begin on 2nd week of June. I stepped into the most beautiful phase of any girls life.. that is marriage some 2 n half  years back.. to the prince charming whom i have always dreamt of. ❤ He is tall-handsome-mature, wheatish-color and tough look man. I know he is not tough inside but fun. ❤ A Perfect Gentleman. 😉 ❤ ❤

I am pure vegetarian eater n very specific about food like no garlic- no onion. But marriage side-effects did some changes in my food habbits 😛 

i me  

I am from Dabang-Tiwari Family!!! I can write a book on my family members and family issues 😀 I really wanna a write a book on “Dabang Tiwari  Family“. Tiwari naam hi kafi hai 😉 so heavy surname. In my hometown, everyone knows me not because of me or any achievements. But, there are different great characters. Don’t want to reveal much about that in this post. 22 Years of my life were really with lot of ups and downs with spicy toppingsDad is businessman and stringent. Maa is housewife and friendly. Grandma is orthodox. Younger sis is multi-talented smart girl and bro is cool boy. I call him Bhaiyu 🙂

With God’s grace, I have loving in-laws family. They are really nice and simple people. They treat me like a youngest kid in the family. No restriction on food or what to wear. They never complaint. Mom-in-law is like strong pillar in family n dad-in-law is just like “Anupam kher from DDLJ” ; He want his son to live his life in his way. He said one day “why I’m doing all this? For whom?? for my son. I have not enojyed my life. usse uski jawani jeene do 🙂 “ Grand-in-laws are two pure souls. 🙂 They’re 90+ years old. Sis-in-laws are like friends.

By profession I’m Software Engineer in e-commerce. Love to do coding but not always. 😛

I’m very friendly. But plays different role at different places. In my home “Silent-mode“,  With In-laws “Chatter-Box“, at work “Extraordinary-Fun loving” and with friends/Hubby “Non-stop Bak-Bak“. 😉 I guess it’s enough to bore you people with this post 😛 😉 I would say not only in this post. I’m gonna share about myself by dint of my further posts as well. So, please keep an eye on it 🙂 😉


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